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            Continuing the most successful 27th edition last year with over 80% increase of total audience, which expanded the venues to Nihonbashi’s Toho Cinemas and the classic Kabukiza Theatre, more screenings and special events, the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), as one of the leading and most well known international film festival around Asia, will be held a day longer than before. Still held in the main area of Roppongi Hills, now the festival will reach one of Tokyo’s most crowded area in Shinjuku. Under the collaboration with the Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau, they join forces with Shinjuku Art Heaven 2015 as the part of the 36th Grand Shinjuku City Festival. The other venue this year will also include National Film Center, National Museum of Modern Art at Kyobashi. As the director general Yasushi Shiina said, not only further advance the future of the festival, this also offers variety of ways to enjoy the film festival.

            Their collaboration with Japan Foundation Asia Center which began last year to give more support to young Asian filmmakers over the cultural exchange programs will also set a bigger platform to the exposure of Japanese films throughout the world. With some of the newly established sections, this year’s festival will shine the spotlight to the diverse works of Japanese cinema that packed with more various screenings from the classic to latest release, and nevertheless, last year’s focus on one of their most famous content in Japanese anime. In addition, TIFF’s also doing more collaboration to overseas film festival such as Shanghai International Film Festival and The Asian Film Awards Academy, a non-profit organization created by three main Asian film festivals, Busan (BIFF), Hong Kong (HKIFF) and TIFF to promote and develop Asian cinema and its talents, a joint cultural exchange project named ‘Asian Three-Fold Mirror Project’ among talented Asian directors (Isao Yusikada – Japan, Brilliante Mendoza – Phillipine & Sotho Kulikar – Cambodia) and establishing their new hall ‘Kaguraza’ that will showcase more remarkable films not only on the festival period.

            As the affiliated film market, TIFFCOM, will again be serving as a place to gather all the elements of world film industries with underlined focus over their Japan Content Showcase. The film market will still be held in Grand Pacific Le Daiba with not only being a multi-content market of entertainment culture such as film, music and animations, but also filled with film summit, seminars & symposiums, workshops, movie screenings and other multipurpose events with an emphasis on films. With last year’s record on hosted over 332 exhibitors and more than 3000 world buyers, their alliance is growing bigger and bigger on promoting global film business, networking and more chance to international co-productions.

            There will be many highlights and new programs this year, including Panorama; a section which features premiere screenings of a diverse array of brand new films brought together for their originality and genre variety from human drama, animation and even horror, Japan Now; the showcase that will highlight outstanding local directors and boost the recognition by screening their selected films from the unique perspective of TIFF. While this year’s Crosscut Asia, a program first launched last year on Thai Cinema and marked the beginning of a collaboration between TIFF and The Japan Foundation Asia Center – will features a rich history of Phillipine Cinema under the section title ‘The Heat of Phillipine Cinema’.

            Last but not least, following last year’s Tim Burton and Takeshi Kitano, the 2nd ‘Samurai Award’ as TIFF’s recognition to the world’s finest filmmakers will be given to Hong Kong director John Woo and Japan’s Yoji Yamada. Like the previous concept, The Samurai Award commends achievements of filmmakers who continue to create groundbreaking films that carve a path to the new era. In commemoration of this award,  which officially co-presented by The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), there will be ‘The 2nd Samurai Award Special Talk – In Person: John Woo’ which will be held on October 25. Woo, in this special highlighted event that will be a retrospect at his outstanding career, will discuss the challenge and his passion through his journey of filmmaking.



Mobile Suit Gundam

            Continuing the focus on Japanese anime as one of their leading cinema content, from Hideaki Anno’s ‘Evangelion’, this year’s festival will feature the special focus on Nippon Sunrise’s ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’; a monumental work and also one of the pioneer of Japanese robot animation. This program will be the first-ever biggest screening that includes the whole 26 Gundam installments, the famous ‘Gundam Plastic Model’ exhibitions and special talk with the creators, as well as the first time for TIFF to present special screening of animated works specific to a single series.

            The Gundam series that will be screened include ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ (1981), ‘Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow’ (1982), ‘Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space’ (1982), ‘Mobile Suit Z Gundam: A New Translation’ series: Heirs to the Stars, Lovers (2005) and Love is the Pulse of the Stars (2006), to the 30th anniversary CG animation ‘Ring of Gundam’ (2009) and of course, ‘Endless Waltz’ (1998) in special edition.


TIFF J-Horror

            Besides anime, Japanese horror films, known famously as J-horror is also one of their leading cinema content over the years which also inspires cinemas all over the world including Hollywood remakes. This program will feature three most famous J-horror directors; Hideo Nakata, Takashi Shimizu and Kiyoshi Kurosawa with the screening of their most well-known works and a talk event.

            The selections include Hideo Nakata’s directorial debut ‘Don’t Look Up’ (1996), Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s ‘Cure’ (1997), Takashi Shimizu’s ‘Ju-On’ (2003) and the new fear from Nakata titled ‘Ghost Theatre’ (2015).



            Still in introducing the diverse works in Japanese Cinema, this year’s festival will have the special program named ‘Japanese Classics’, to showcase masterpieces that have illuminated Japanese film history that restored with the latest digital cinema technologies. With beautifully clear sound and image quality, not only nostalgic, this selections will bring you a whole new cinematic experience to those Japanese classics.

            Other than celebrating the 30th anniversary of Akira Kurosawa’s 1985 classic, ‘Ran’ one of the highest achievements in the history of World Cinema that also won the Academy Award in the same year, there are six more films to be screened, ones that shows the truest hearts of Japanese Cinema, all digitally restored; ‘Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gyaos’ (1967), ‘Gamera Trilogy’: ‘The Guardian of the Universe’ (1995), ‘Assault of the Legion’ (1996), ‘Revenge of Iris’ (1999; 4K Restored), and two Kon Ichikawa’s masterpieces; ‘Conflagration’ (1958; 4K Restored) and ‘Japan and the Japanese’, Ichikawa’s eight-multi video work that screened in Japan Pavillion at 1970’s Osaka Expo, now digitally synthesized to one screen.

TIFF 2015 1

            In exciting addition too, the audience of this year’s TIFF will having the chance to see the debut footage premiere of new Gamera films, like the one that held at New York Comic Con 2015 as a celebration of Gamera’s 50th anniversary.


TIFF Serbis

            From last year’s Thai Cinema, this year’s special program from The Japan Foundation Asia Center will put its focus to Phillipine Cinema. Being in their Golden Age, from young maestro Mendoza to Tahimik, the pioneer of Phillipine’s indie films, to a controversial work filmed in Japan, and the boyhood of Pacquiao in ‘fight of the century’.

            Among the selections are five special subfocus on their national treasure of independent cinema, the director Brillante Ma Mendoza, that has won in three major international film festivals; Cannes, Venice and Berlin); ‘Foster Child’ (2007), ‘Serbis (Service)’ (2008), ‘Lola (Grandmother)’ (2009), ‘Filthy Womb’ (2012), to his latest film, ‘Taklub (Trap)’ (2015). Then there are ‘Balut Country’ (2015), Japan co-production ‘Invisible’ (2015), Manny Pacquiao’s biopic ‘Kid Kulafu’ (2015), Phillipine old classics ‘Himala (Miracle)’ (1982; digitally restored) and ‘Balik Bayan #1 : Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III.5 (Working title, 1979 – 2015), an epic stort of a Malay slave that was finally composed after 30 years of development.


TIFF Kabukiza 2015

            As the new alternative event of TIFF, last year’s first launched ‘Special Night Event at Kabukiza Theatre’ will be continued with the live Kabuki performance ‘Ame No Goro’ by Kabuki famous actor Kataoka Ainosuke and Akira Kurosawa’s rare work ‘They Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail’, which is an adaptation of ‘The Subscription List’ from 18 Best Kabuki Plays.


TIFF Terayama Films

            Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Terayama (1935 – 1983), Japan’s multi talented poet, producer and director and how his considerably genious works still continue to excite all generations, this year’s festival will screen a special selection of his masterpieces in the veins of the festival’s focus on Japanese cinema’s diverse works including ‘Throw Away your Books, Let’s Go into the Streets’ (1971), ‘Pastoral Hide and Seek’ (1974), ‘Labyrinth in the Field’ (1979) and ‘Farewell to the Ark’ (1984).


TIFF Ken Takakura

           Also being the part on this year’s spotlight in the diverse works of Japanese cinema, from classics to the latest, TIFF’s also celebrating the first anniversary of a distinguished actor Ken Takakura (1931-2014) that passed away on last November. Known famously to the overseas audience over generations, Ken Takakura has won many film awards including Best Actor Award at the first Japan Academy Awards in 1978, designated as a Person of Cultural Merit in 2006 and received the Order of Culture in 2013. He also appeared in international productions such as Sydney Pollack’s ‘The Yakuza’ (1974) with Robert Mitchum, Ridley Scott’s ‘Black Rain’ (1989) with Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, and a remarkably notable China production, Zhang Yimou’s ‘Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles’ (2005).

            Among the selections of Takakura’s showcase are ‘Japanese Yakuza’ (1964), ‘Abashiri Prison’ (1965), ‘Brutal Tale of Chivalry Part 2’ (1966), ‘Hot Pursuit’ (1976); the first foreign film released in China after the Cultural Revolution, ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’ (1978), ‘Proof of Wilderness’ (1978), ‘A Distant Cry from Spring’ (1980), ‘R Station’ (1981), ‘Poppoya: Railroad Man’ (1999) and ‘Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles’ (2005).


TIFF Orson Welles

            This year’s TIFF will also highlight the legendary international actor Orson Welles (1915 – 1985), a boy wonder from ‘Citizen Kane’ (1941) and many other classics. Celebrating his life and works, this program will screen Welles’ classics such as ‘The Lady from Shanghai’ (1947), ‘The Third Man’ (1949), ‘Mr. Arkadin (Confidential Report) (1955), ‘The Trial’ (1962), ‘Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight) (1965), ‘The Immortal Story’ (1968), ‘F For Fake’ (1973), and as well,  ‘This Is Orson Welles’, a 2015 France documentary screened in Cannes Classics this year, ‘Magician: The Astonishing Life & Work of Orson Welles’, an 2014 USA documentary.


TIFF Alain Delon

            This year’s TIFF will also have the same Co-Hosted / Allied Events like the previous years from TIFFCOM, Minato Screening, Bunka-Cho Film Week, The 5th Japan Student Film Festival and more screening, symposium as well as the cultural events. But two highlights to be noted are the retrospective showcase on Alain Delon and the screening of digitally remastered Western Classic ‘Shane’ starred Alan Ladd.

TIFF Shane

           In honoring the timeless star Alain Delon with his career stretching nearly 60 years and also celebrating his 80th birthday, TIFF will collaborate with Institut Francais du Japon, bringing the actor’s most notable works in a special screening events. Alain Delon’s classics, such as ‘Plein Soleil’ (1959, Rene Clement), ‘La Tulipe Noire’ (1964, Christian Jacques), ‘Les Aventuriers’ (1967, Robert Enrico), ‘Le Samourai’ (1967, Jean-Pierre Melville), ‘Le Piscine’ (1969, Jacques Deray), ‘Le Cercle Rouge’ (1970, Jean-Pierre Melville), ‘Un Flic’ (1972, Jean-Pierre Melville) and ‘Monsieur Klein’ (1976, Joseph Losey). Below is the special note from Alain Delon to TIFF.

alain delon

            While the legendary classic ‘Shane’ directed by George Stevens and starred Alan Ladd, brought in collaboration with Go Osaka, a renowned writer who loves Western films, and presented by Star Channel & Sky PerfectTV! Movie Team will receive its Japan Premiere for the first time in digitally remastered format.


TIFF 2015 3

            Besides ‘Samurai Award’, this year’s TIFF is also establishing the new ‘Arigato Award’ to honor some people for their remarkable contributions to the Japanese Film Industry. Over the concept that conveys TIFF’s appreciation to film stalwarts who are exceptionally talented and have widely supported the film industry, the recipient of the Award are Lily Franky (Illustrator, novelist, actor), Akihiro Hino (Level-5 Inc. President/CEO), Suzu Hirose (actress), Mamoru Hosoda (director) and Kirin Kiki (senior actress).


The Walk

            As a part of Special Screening section, also the ones that translate the festival’s glamorous highlight of selections – some of them also attended by stars both from Japan and abroad make appearances and presenting their movies, this year’s festival will have Robert Zemeckis’ ‘The Walk’ as the opening film, first opening feature that will be screened in 3D, continuing the blockbuster showcase like 2013’s ‘Captain Phillips’ and 2014’s ‘Big Hero 6’.

            Telling the extraordinary story of Phillippe Petit, French high-wire artist that overcame his greatest passion through World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers in 1974, Robert Zemeckis’ ‘The Walk’ starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petite is not only a visual spectacle, but also one of the finest cinematic experiences in history that ultimately brought its audience right to middle of the event’s re-enacments with fear and excitement at once.

TIFF Terminal

            While Tetsuo Shinohara’s ‘Terminal’, adapted from Shino Sakuragi’s masterpiece, the winner of 149th Naoki Prize (Japan Pulitzer) for Hotel Royal in 2013, will close the festival. Set in Kushiro, Hokkaido, this moving story of a devastated man and woman encounter and restart their new lives starred award winning actor Koichi Sato and Tsubasa Honda from ‘GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)’ live action series.



TIFF Everest

            Other movies in Special Screening Section are nevertheless the big world class productions from various countries and genres as well. Along with ‘The Walk’ as an important 3D movie event, one of this year’s largest Hollywood blockbuster from Baltasar Kormakur, ‘Everest’ (2015, USA-UK) will also screened in 3D. The other selections include ‘Woman in Gold’ (Simon Curtis, USA-UK) that will be attended by actress Helen Mirren in her special stage appearance, the upcoming Japanese action-thriller blockbuster ‘Mozu’ (Eiichiro Hasumi, Japan) starred Hidetoshi Nishijima, Teruyuki Kagawa, Yoko Maki and Takeshi Kitano,  ‘You’re Not You’ (2014, USA) directed by George C. Wolfe and starred Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum, also will have Swank appears at the festival, a nature documentary by Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud ‘Seasons’ (2015, France), and Anton Corbijn’s James Dean biopic ‘Life’ (2015, USA) starred Dane DeHaan as James Dean with Robert Pattinson and Ben Kingsley.



TIFF Beasts Of No Nation

            This year’s new section brought a broad range of latest films with the diverse from human dramas to documentaries and animations with many guest participations. Among the selected titles are Hiroaki Ando & Hiroyuki Seshita’s ‘Ajin: Demi-Human’ (2015, Japan), an action fantasy anime, ‘Isabella Rosselini’s Green Porno Live! (2015, USA – Japan), a live one-woman show based on Rosselini’s internet series of the same title, ‘Ingrid Bergman : In Her Own Words’ (2015, Sweden), a documentary that pays tribute to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the legendary actress, ‘We Are Perfume – World Tour 3rd Document’ (2015, Japan), the first documentary film follows the two months – world tour to commemorate girlband Perfume’s 10th anniversary of major label debut and 15th anniversary as a group, ‘Go! Princess Pretty Cure the Movie Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature’ (2015, Japan) a big screen anime adaptation from the highly popular TV series, ‘Garokowa: Restore the World (2015, Japan).

            Then there are three documentaries ‘Kampai! For the Love of Sake’ (2015, Japan), ‘Joe, Tomorrow: 20 Years with Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, a Legendary Boxing Champ’ (2015, Japan), ‘Foodies’ (2014, Sweden), ‘Bikuu The Movie’ (2015, Japan), ‘Garo’ spinoff to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise, ‘Chieri and Cherry’ (2015, Japan), ‘Cherry Blossom Memories’ (2015, Japan), a story behind the phenomenal song ‘Sakura no Ame’ that’s been viewed for 4,2 million times in video sharing website and how the song became a standard graduation song, ‘Something Like Something Like It’ (2015, Japan), ‘He Named Me Malala’ (2015, USA), the story of a 17 year-old girl awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, to the well-known ‘Paddington’ (2014, UK), ‘Last Knights’ (2015, USA), ‘Dark Places’ (2015, France) to Netflix released ‘Beasts of No Nation’. Comes from director Cary Joji Fukunaga, starred Idris Elba and Abraham Attah, this film offers a gripping tale of a child soldier beyond African country’s civil war.


TIFF Hijra

            Still like the previous years, this section sets its spotlight on award winning movies at various major international film festivals, and latest excellent works by great masters as well as by household names at TIFF, films which are not scheduled to be released in Japan antime soon.

            From French director who helmed 2013’s TIFF entry ‘Love is a Perfect Crime’, Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, we have ’21 Nights with Pattie’ (2015, France), then ‘The Academy of the Muses’ (2015, Spain), ‘Blood of My Blood’ (2015. Italy – France – Switzerland), ‘Body’ (2015, Poland), ‘Cosmos’ (2015, France – Portugal), ‘The High Sun’ (2015, Croatian), ‘Land and Shade’ (2015, Colombia – France – Netherland – Chile – Brazil), ‘Schneider Vs. Bax’ (2015, Netherland – Belgium), ‘River’ (2015, China), ‘Zinnia Flower’ (2015, Taiwan), ‘Right Now, Wrong Then’ (2015, Korea), as well as the much talked documentary ‘In Jackson Heights’ (2015, USA).

TIFF Frenzy

            Then the more exciting entries are ‘Victoria’ (2015, German), ‘The Ark of Mr. Chow’ (2015, China), ‘Tangerine’ (2015, USA), ‘The Terrible Privacy of Mr. Sim’ (2015, France), one of this year’s Indonesian best, a historical biopic ‘Guru Bangsa Tjokroaminoto’ (‘The Hijra’ – international title),  and ‘Frenzy’ (2015, Turkey) – The Winner of Special Jury Prize at 2015 Venice.

TIFF To The Fore

            For the fans of AR Rahman, there’s also ‘Jai Ho’, a documentary that explores the famous Indian composer’s unique style, Hongkong – China sports blockbuster which features Korean heartthrob Choi Si-won, ‘To The Fore’, a Taiwanese war drama from the Golden Horse Award-winning director Wang Tung, ‘Where the Wind Settles’ and the first Tamil movie in the festival, ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’ from remarkable director Mani Ratnam.


TIFF Miss Hokusai

            Establishing this year’s special focus on the diverse of Japanese Cinema, this section was made to represent the huge potential and drive of Japanese films of today that showcased toward the country and abroad. From up-and-coming to veteran’s films, the section will really reveal the journey and achievement of their cinema today.

            While the anime and Keiichi Hara’s fans will have the long awaited ‘Miss Hokusai’, there will also be ‘Our Little Sister’ from director Hirokazu Kore-eda, ‘Pieta in the Toilet’ from director Daishi Matsunaga, ‘Fires on the Plain’ from director Shinya Tsukamoto, ‘Three Stories of Love’ from director Ryosuke Hashiguchi and Yoji Yamada’s ‘Kazoku wa Tsuraiyo’.

            The other anime entry on this section comes from director Mamoru Hosoda (‘Summer Wars’, ‘Wolf Children’ and ‘The Girl who Leapt Through Time’). Titled ‘The Boy and the Beast’, this is the latest film for the first time in three years by Hosoda as one of the hottest anime director. The rest are ‘Pink and Gray’ from director Isao Yukisada, ‘La La La at Rock Bottom’ from director Nobuhiro Yamashita, the 196 mins long ‘0.5 mm’ from Momoko Ando and the latest – unusual work from Sion Sono, ‘Love and Peace’ which Sono describes as his life, soul and everything that mirrors his own younger self.

            As the special focus in this section, Japan Now aims the works of director Masato Harada. Screening two of Harada’s exceptional films this year, ‘Kakekomi’ and ‘The Emperor in August’, the section will also screen ‘Kamikaze Taxi’ (1995), ‘Climber’s High’ (2008), are ‘Chronicle of My Mother’ (2011; Special Grand Prix of the jury winner at Montreal World Film Festival).


TIFF Their Distance

            Still provide a platform to their young filmmakers with exceptionally unique, creative and challenging films that has successfully making a splash on the world stage in the growing Japanese film industry, there are 8 films competing for the Best Picture Award in this section.

            They are ‘Areno – The Wildness’ (Michio Koshikawa), ‘Their Distance’ (Rikiya Imaizumi), ‘Lowlife Love’ (Eiji Uchida), ‘Spring Has Come’ (Ryuhei Yoshino), ‘Ken and Kazu’ (Hiroshi Shoji), ‘Her Father, My Lover’ (Kenji Yamauchi), ‘7 Days’ (Hirobumi Watanabe), and ‘Tokyo Sunrise’ (Ryutaro Nakagawa).


TIFF Mencari Hilal

            Also being the festival’s competition section that aims up-and-coming directors from Asia (including Japan and the Middle East), ten new films from various Asian and Middle East countries, mostly world premieres over the unique characteristic that half of the films are directed by woman, will compete to win the Best Asian Future Film Awards.

TIFF If Only

            Those films are ‘The Actor’ (Japan, Satoko Yokohama) ‘The Island Funeral’ (Thailand, Pimpaka Towira), ‘The Kids’ (Taiwan, Sunny Yu), ‘Lazy Crazy Hazy’ (Hong Kong, Luk Yee-sum), ‘If Only’ (India, Ishaan Nair), ‘Shoot Me in the Heart’ (Korea, Mun Che-yong), ‘Stair Dad’ (Turkey, Hasan Tolga Pulat), ‘A Simple Goodbye’ (China, Degena Yun), ‘Young Love Lost (China, Xiang Giojiang), and Indonesian eid blockbuster ‘The Crescent Moon’ a.k.a. ‘Mencari Hilal’ (Indonesian, Ismail Basbeth).


TIFF Inerasable

            As ever, the festival’s main competition section brings together the latest films selected over their outstanding character. Talents from around the world gather and compete for the prize. With entries that varied from social drama, comedy to suspense films, but all have distinctly fascinating style and characters at their center and explore life in complex modern society, all of this year’s selected films were chosen by one similar characters; provide a view of ‘The World Today’.

TIFF Born to be Blue

            The International Competition Jury this year are Bryan Singer (President of the Jury) with the jury members;  Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung (‘The Scent of Green Papaya’ & ‘Norwegian Wood’), Bent Hamer (‘Kitchen Stories’, ‘1001 Grams’), Hong Kong blockbuster director Nanshun Shi (‘The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’ & ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’), Susanne Bier (‘After The Wedding’ & ‘In a Better World’) & Kazuki Omori (‘Godzilla vs Biolante’, ‘Godzilla vs King Ghidrah’).

            Here are the films that will compete to win this year’s TIFF best.

All Three of Us (2015, France, Kheiron) ; Asian Premiere

Cold of Kalandar (2015, Turkey – Hungary, Mustafa Kara) ; World Premiere

Born to be Blue (2015, USA – Canada – UK, Robert Budreau) ; Asian Premiere

Family Film (2015, Czech – Germany – Slovenia – France – Slovakia, Olmo Omerzu) ; Asian Premiere

Foujita (2015, Japan – France, Kohei Oguri) ; World Premiere

The Inerasable (2015, Japan – Yoshihiro Nakamura) ; World Premiere

Full Contact (2015, Netherland – Croasia, David Verbeek) ; Asian Premiere

Land of Mine (2015, Denmark – Germany, Pieter Zandvliet) ; Asian Premiere

The Girl’s House (2015, Iran, Shahram Shah Hosseini) ; International Premiere

A Monster with a Thousand Heads (2015, Mexico, Rodrigo Pia) ; Asian Premiere

God Willing (2015, Italy, Edoardo Falcone) ; International Premiere

My Original Dream (2015, China, Hao Jie) ; World Premiere

Nise – The Heart of Madness (2015, Brazil, Roberto Berliner) ; International Premiere

Sayonara (2015, Japan, Koji Fukada) ; World Premiere

Roukli (2015, Estonia, Veiko Ӧunpuu) ; Asian Premiere

Snap (2015, Thailand, Kongdej Jaturanrasmee) ; World Premiere (dan)

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